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Unwrapping the Unsolved Murder of Helen Brach 
Author: James Ylisela Jr. 



On Feb. 17, 1977, candy heiress Helen Vorhees Brach checked out of the Mayo Clinic after a routine physical—and vanished without a trace.

 Her disappearance, and presumed murder, has remained a mystery ever since and inspired endless conjecture. At first, society mavens whispered that Helen had run off with a secret lover—or was suffering from amnesia. As the years went by, these romantic notions turned to speculation of a grislier kind. 

At 65, Helen Brach was a bit of an eccentric, an animal lover with a busy social life—and the richest woman in Chicago.  Who had killed the Candy Lady—and why?

Was it her longtime houseman, who lied about her whereabouts in the days after her disappearance? Or her sometime boyfriend, a middle-aged gigolo and stable owner who wanted to sell her horses at inflated prices? Was it the Chicago horse mafia, a band of thieves that feared such a prominent woman might expose their criminal enterprise? Or perhaps it was the actual Mafia, drawn to Brach’s riches and with their own suspicious ties to Chicago’s horse business.

Long after the trail had gone cold, a Chicago investigative journalist decided to take another look. The more he dug into the story, the more he discovered how the inquiry into Brach’s murder had gone tragically wrong. The local police had bungled the initial investigation into her disappearance. The federal government had sent Brach’s boyfriend, Richard Bailey, to prison on a conspiracy charge without ever actually proving his guilt. A dogged investigator who believed he had solved the mystery retired in disgust when county prosecutors refused to act on his evidence.

The journalist conducted dozens of interviews, fought to reopen sealed court files and uncovered evidence never before revealed. He chased after Brach’s houseman in western Pennsylvania and tramped through a swamp in central Indiana looking for the heiress’s body. And he visited Richard Bailey in prison and arranged for him to take a polygraph exam from the well-known and reputable Warren Holmes, to support his claims of innocence.

Who Killed the Candy Lady answers that question by carefully unwrapping two theories of Helen Brach’s demise. So whodunit?

You decide.

Based on the book Dog is God Spelled Backwards
Screenplay & book written by:  Clark Malcolm Greene 

On March 2, 1950, three and a half year old Clark Malcolm Greene piled into the family’s Plymouth with his older sister, mom and dad, and set off through the Irish Hills of Michigan, as they so often did.

This day would be different and special as they drove through an unfamiliar small village marked with a sign ‘Michigan Center’, and they stopped by a farm that young observant Clark had not seen before.

As they turned into a dirt driveway leading to a farmhouse, he saw a sign nailed to one of the fence posts that read ‘ Puppies for Sale ‘.

Young Clark screamed for joy asking his mom if this was for real, and she responded yes, asking him if he would like to have a puppy, and would he take good care of one?

The family got out of the car surrounded by two large dogs and what looked like a hundred black and tan puppies!

Clark’s mom then asked him which puppy he would like and before even being able to think about the answer, one of the puppies, who was the most beautiful of the bunch, gave him an extra growling tug, and when he bent down to look into her eyes, she gave him lots of long puppy licks. And right then, the family knew that she was the one, and she chose Clark!

So yes, it was love at first sight, and this little puppy was going to be named Patch, and she and Clark were going to live a long adventurous life together as best friends and true confidents.

This story begins simply enough; a boy and his dog. Their trails lead them to uncommon places, both around the great Lakes and in their own hearts. Patch leads her fallible boy, Clark, to places since vanished from rural America. Their devotion to one another is demonstrated again and again, from the lurking violence of a grandfather’s wrath to the inexorable “industrial invasion” of a storied and favorite area they explored.

Revisit an America when everyone knew the rules. Knowing the rules, however, doesn’t always mean compliance. Time and time again, the pair skirt the boundaries between grace and guilt. In an enduring tale, Patch helps her boy through the murk and triumphs of childhood. Under every circumstance, Clark sticks up for Patch and she protects her boy, whether it be family or neighbors or a pack of vicious dogs.

Follow a boy and his dog, poised along the shores of one of the great lakes, stick in hand, waiting for the next adventure to unfold. They explore the realms of the heart as they trudge over Lake Erie’s ice or make their way through the perils of a marsh under inexorable development.

In a story sprinkled with equal amounts of wit, promise, failure, and steeped in the love of a boy and his dog, this story celebrates timeless connections made in places that people long for, and no longer exist. The boy grows up, the dog grows old, all the while inching toward the reality of life. Even this has a beauty, for the boy ultimately grasps that Patch is eternally a part of him.

Big Girls Do Cry
Autobiography by: April Kirkwood

The lives of the women in Big Girls Do Cry are filled with ups and downs, celebrations and heartaches from the 1940's through today.

Together as a strong family network of females, they demonstrate how to learn from the past, enjoy the present, and create stronger generations embracing even the most painful of experiences.

These women demonstrated shedding light on universal struggles with love, sexuality, addiction, and mental health, touching so many lives. Their story weaves together adventures of lovers, husbands, babies, and careers, while empowering others to embrace their own lives and the women who they love with a fresh, new outlook, and a brighter future.

Seven years old April Lynn Kirkwood came from a close knit family, grew up in Youngstown Ohio, and loved to sing and dance to her favorite records in her living room. So, when Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons would come to town, April’s Mother, Aunt and Grandma would dress her up with a top hat and a Miss America type banner that read ‘ Frankie Valli ‘.

They would pile in the car and travel to see the swooning superstar perform when he was in the Ohio area. Ever so cute little April would stand front and center, and Frankie would pick her up, bring her on stage with him, and allow the family backstage after the shows.

April was in love with Frankie, and even dressed her Ken doll up to look like him, with a microphone and all!

When April turned sixteen, she asked her Mother if she could take the car and go see Frankie who was performing nearby, and she agreed.

But this time after the show, Frankie invited April to go to his hotel with him, and he had sex with her until he dismissed her when another woman arrived to see him.
April was in shock yet ecstatic now thinking that Frankie loved her, and that one day she would be the next Mrs. Valli.

Well that never happened, and there were other Mrs. Valli’s, while April had a thirty year off and on affair with the star who she remained in love with.

Big Girls Do Cry is a story about a young girl who fell in love and stayed in love while continuing to live her life, suppressing the love and deep emotions and hurt that remained within her.

The feature film about the life of the late Marilyn Chambers, and the sexual revolution of the 1970's:


The girl next door, junior olympic diver, gymnist, aspiring actress, model, and Ivory Snow girl, makes the decision to star in the well known adult film, Behind the Green Door, that changed her life forever.

A documentary film about the late Greek actress, singer, and politician, Melina Mercouri: