Post Production

Post production is the process that pulls together all of the elements needed to create the final product. Editing and choosing the right footage, enhancing color, adding graphics, voice over, music, sound design, animation and visual effects all happen in post production.


A variety of Editors are available according to the style of the campaign.

For instance theatrical or comical timing, quick cuts, match cuts, dissolves, etc.

We are able to edit on set,4 wall at any given location, or edit at a post production company and facility.

Graphic designers and colorists are also available.


We work with some of the best animation and visual effects artists and supervisors in the industry. According to the story board and the creative, we can choose the best artists and present each of their reels to choose from.



Filter surrounds themselves with talent from around the world who share the same view, making FilterFX one of the best, innovative, Global and Multicultural company in the advertising, film, television, and multimedia industries.

Artists from Mexico, the United States, London, France, Germany, Spain, Brazil and Bulgaria, to name a few, use their diversity to come together and combine their ideas, creativity and visions , to uniquely set FilterFX aside from all the rest.

The contribution and integration of each artist’s backgrounds, along with their understanding of the constant technological updates has led them to expand their horizons, transcending their frontiers in every direction.

At FilterFX, the philosophy is proposing solutions that blend in: Heart, Mind, Creativity and Business.

Their goal is to seek out and obtain the ultimate result in each project which defines them as a company that welcomes work from all sectors in the markets, nationally and internationally, knowing that each individual element is key in the final result.

Filter’s headquarters are located in Chicago and Mexico City.


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